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Research carried out by the Sales Executive Council shows that, by increasing sales manager impact, performance improvements of 17% can be achieved. The Xentor Sales Performance Management System provides a means of identifying how and where you can make those gains, by focusing on the manager and not just the representatives.

Mentoring your managers to be more successful is probably the most important thing a sales leader can do. With Xentor, senior leadership teams gain an immediate and real time insight into what is working well and what isn’t. Who is having the biggest impact, and where additional resources should be invested.

By using Xentor, strategic level senior managers gain actionable information. You can immediately start to see the impact that goal setting has on productivity, or how skills coaching is influencing sales revenue. If you can identify an issue early enough, then you can resolve it before it has a negative impact!

The Xentor system shows your sales managers how their activities impact their regional, and therefore the company’s, overall performance. They immediately become aware of exactly which issues are inhibiting growth, allowing them to focus on improvement. Xentor simplifies the management of a region and frees up administration time, allowing managers to work on more productive tasks whilst also maintaining consistency.

Xentor is designed to make sure your sales team is fully prepared, productive and able to execute each sales contact in the most impactful way.

"Sales managers repeatedly underperformed In critical skill areas"

Source: SEC article, Portrait of a World Class Coach March 2005

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For well over a decade Xentor Solutions have been helping customers improve the impact of their first line sales managers.

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