The Xentor Sales Performance Management System

Everything a sales manager does should be focused on improving the productivity of their sales teams. That’s why they spend a huge amount of their time working with each of their sales people on things like territory business reviews, skills coaching, action planning and goal setting. For each manager the cost is approximately $130,000 per year, but done properly, the returns are huge. This is why you invest in them.

It’s the critical part of a sales manager’s role, and their purpose for being there!

Improving the impact your managers have on their teams is therefore the number one thing you can do to increase team performance. The wealth of robust evidence supporting this statement is enormous. In fact, research by the Sales Executive Council has shown a 17% increase just from skills coaching alone.

But before you can improve something, you need to be able to measure it. If you don't you can't identify any changes nor do you know where to start! You need to clearly see the types of issues that can plague sales force productivity, and be able to report on the improvements. You also need to know where to focus resources, to more effectively support individuals.

At Xentor Solutions we can help you do this. Our acclaimed software apps automate common sales performance management tasks at a tactical level, while simultaneously mapping directly to results. Not only do sales managers save a lot of time but, at a strategic level, senior leadership gain a very clear understanding on areas such as:

  • Which sales managers are having the biggest influence on your team's revenue?
  • What are your high performance managers doing that's different, and how does this affect sales?
  • Is each manager's time being optimized in the field?
  • How has each team and individual's sales execution improved as a consequence of manager activity?

And ultimately, whether you're going to hit your goals!

Through technical expertise, in-depth knowledge of the sales enviroment and historical input from our customers, we have created a unique solution that helps you to build better managers.

"Fully 90% of managers squander their time in all sorts of ineffective activities"

Source: HBR Article, Beware the Busy Manager February 2002

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