How it works

The Xentor sales performance management system can help you to gain clear insight, by concisely presenting data against personal and company objectives, as well as aligning tactical actions against organizational goals. This gives you the ability to know:

  • Whether your sales managers are optimizing their time in the field
  • who is having the biggest impact on their team
  • What are they doing that is different
  • How is this impacting sales
  • Whether they are driving consistency and high standards
  • If they are going to hit their goals

At the same time, your sales people gain detailed answers to questions like:

  • How am I performing?
  • How much have I improved?
  • What is the biggest impact?
  • What are the current action plans and important milestones?
  • Am I getting the support I need?

This not only gives them ownership and self-determination, but an invaluable career resource and the motivation to increase their performance.

A deployment can include everyone from the global head of sales or complete training departments, through to district managers and their teams of individual sales people. Analysis and reporting is available at every level in between.

This is about building better managers, so they can get on and do what they were hired to do; build world class teams!

"Underperforming sales managers are estimated to be costing companies $4million per year"

Source: CEB Article, $4Million Mistake July 2014

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For well over a decade Xentor Solutions have been helping customers improve the impact of their first line sales managers.

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